Iris pumila (Dwarf bearded iris)

The Iris pumila is the smaller variant of the Iris germanica. Originally, the Iris pumila is mainly found in southern and central Europe, European Russia, Greater Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Western Siberia, and Crimea.

The Iris pumila varies in length between 10 and 40 cm high. Largely because of this, the Iris pumila is therefore easy to distinguish from the much larger species Iris germanica. The flowering time also differs slightly, because the pumila flowers on average 2 weeks earlier than an Iris germanica and announces spring. The flowering time of an Iris pumila is a bit short, 1 to 2 weeks, but the flowers more than make up for that when they come out. Within a few years, the Iris pumila grows into a large clump on which up to 50 flower stems can grow.

Just like the germanica, the Iris pumila grows well on sandy calcareous soil but also does well in rocky calcareous areas.

At our nursery we grow about 100 different varieties of Iris pumila. This means we have a wide range of Iris pumila and we can offer our customers all the available colours.

The Iris pumila at Bouwmeester Vaste Planten